Teresa Lopez

Health and Wellness Manager

Our people benefit from state of the art health and wellness support services from Vivere Health, a holistic provider of nutrition, mental and physical training. Teresa Lopez is a nutritionist, educator, personal trainer and fitness model. Teresa, or TLO by short, started her career as an Educational Assistant over 10 years ago. While working full-time, she also studied and eventually became a lifeguard for the City of Richmond.

With such a broad experience in teaching, and specifically nutrition support services, we depend on Teresa to make sure we are on point. The demands of the job are often mentally intensive, which can take a toll on mental health, physical well being, and can cause exhaustion and burnout. All of our team benefits from her services. We frequently connect Teresa with our clients, to ensure that they too are at optimal performance, nutritionally and mentally. Food is the fuel to life, and with the Isagenix full range of products, there is a definitive advantage that our staff has over traditional designers, strategists and marketing directors.

Teresa Lopez is a key player to our team. We are very grateful for the partnership we have developed.


City of Richmond • Isagenix • Nutritionist • Fitness Instructor • Lifeguard • Founder • C.E.O. Vivere Health


Nutrition • Health and Wellness • Education • Social Media Strategy • Photography • Driving and Logistics


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