Steve Lopez


Steve Lopez is a President and Co-Founder of Evolve Branding. With over 20 years experience managing people, and building great relationships, Steve has been instrumental to the growth of Evolve. With Evolve now ranking first in Vancouver, on Google’s search engine, the firm receives a high volume of inbound inquiries, from a wide variety of company types and concepts. Steve is an expert negotiator, who knows how to guide organizations to impactful and meaningful working relationships. Steve plays a foundational role in brand strategy, acquisitions advice, and internal support for the team. Depend on our President for intense topics, related to acquisitions, bottom lines, and overall vision for North American brands and concepts.

Key Skills:

  • Business Negotiations
  • Human Resources
  • Relationship Building
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Internal Brand Strategy
  • North American News and Political Overview
  • World News and Political Overview
  • Business Viability Consultation
  • Film Production Consultancy
  • Sustainability Planning
  • Financial Vision Planning
  • Business Planning
  • Business Management
  • Tax Consultancy