Iulia Tudor

Brand Director


Coca Cola, World Vision, Harvard, O2E Brands, Steve Nash Fitness World

Key Skills:

Marketing Executive | Keynote Speaker | Sales Team Leader | Educator | Sales System Specialist | Venture Capitalist

Iulia Tudor is an accomplished sales and marketing executive, based out of Vancouver, B.C. With a decorated history of education in psychology, marketing, design and sales team development, she has a wide breadth of experience in business. She has conducted and published her own research projects at Ivy League universities such as the University of British Columbia, and Harvard University where she was on a paid scholarship.

In the marketing arena, she has worked as a marketing and sales manager for the most globally admired brands such as O2E Brands, World Vision and Coca-Cola who recruited her to compete against the top five Canadian universities for executing the most innovative marketing strategy.

More recently, she serves as the Brand Director for Vancouver’s number one ranking firm on the Google search engine, since we also specialize in effective SEO and SEM strategies. We have quite a heavy track record specifically with Branding, Marketing and Long Term Brand Strategy, as we have worked with top brands such as Telus, IKEA, REMAX, UFC, ROLEX and many other great Canadian companies.

Main expertise includes:

* Graphic Communication
* Sales System Setup and Administration
* Team Building
* Business Consultancy
* Marketing Management
* Sales Leadership
* Website Development
* Brand Director Duties
* Brand Representative
* Internet Science
* Social Media Management