Our Story


Founded over 12 years ago, Evolve started as a freelance consortium of designers fresh out of University. Over the next decade Evolve developed key industry contacts in Film & Television, and the Financial World.

We pushed the envelope in design practices by seeking the most experiential and enriching brand launch events. Our goal is to harness social  and growing media and to grow a business with video and film advertising campaigns. Getting word out in the best way.

Evolve Branding Vancouver Branding Vancouver Marketing Web Design ​

Our experience in film, tech, web technology, advertising, strategic positioning, graphic design and brand culture makes us a flexible and new age advertising firm. We have old school values built on work ethic and integrity. Evolve is capable of a wide array of operations, due to our network of contractors, directors, designers and global partners. With progressive thinking, and creativity in many of our deals, Evolve Branding has become a sought after name around the world.

We have 80+ years of combined experience in Branding Strategy, Advertising Expertise, Vancouver Website Development, Video and Film Production, Development and state of the art, technology driven Marketing.

We have worked with the following brands:

About the company

One of our key specialty lies within servicing big brands with engaging with customer emotional connections to their company. Preparing startups for finance, with immaculate branding and visual identity is another agency focus. Our network of business consultants align a detailed business plan, and business deck to prospective investors. At this point, our venture capital, and finance professional help seek finance from vetted venture capitalists, and financial institutions. All with the success of the organization in mind. We partner with our clients, to achieve the best possible success on any level of concept, business or organization.

Creating a brand is more than creating a logo. Branding is about building a great story, a strong system and an incredible amount of attention and customers for a business. Evolve finds a way to enhance any brand, with film, design, advertising and investment.

We turn businesses into brands.

Evolve Branding Vancouver Branding Vancouver Marketing Web Design

Our claims to fame.

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Our Design Division handles everything from Graphic Design, to Film Pre-Production, Concept Development and Name Selection. Evolve’s management team has more than 75 years of combined experience and education in marketing, design and business success. We believe that simple is smart, and our in-house web development team helps make our combined visions become a reality.

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Our Advertising Division delivers analytic’s driven data, consultancy and in-depth reporting for all marketing campaigns. We provide Film & Television exposure in theatres and broadcast television. Online marketing is one of our keys to success, as well as traditional print advertising. We are known for producing viral videos, that are driven by theme, social trend, high production value or smart usage.

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Acquiring Finance and Capital is what can make a business or break a business. Evolve provides financial support, consultancy and meetings with venture capitalists. Raising capital is one of our primary objectives. Our company was developed to bring money to all types of businesses, and to seed great concepts. We often save our clients money, by absorbing equity, or by seeking out more capital.